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We carry out the purchase, sale, maintenance, and repair of medical and aesthetic equipment. We work with the best tools to repair medical equipment for the health sector: physicians’ offices, medical clinics, surgery centres, dental clinics, hospitals,
and more. We are fully trained to offer you the best Clinical equipment services with a high level of quality and satisfaction.

We value relationships and develop long-term bonds with our employees and customers by treating everyone with respect and doing what we promise.
We want to be different and constantly look for ways to stand out by giving superior customer service and being the coolest biomedical company…ever!

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Our Services

The followings are the service that RAH Biomedical provides,
But are not limited to:

Preventive Maintenance

Ensure top-notch performance and longevity of your biomedical equipment with our proactive maintenance solutions.

Medical Equipment Supply

Access cutting-edge medical equipment tailored to your needs for advanced healthcare solutions.

Spare Parts

Swift access to genuine spare parts, ensuring seamless replacements and minimal disruption.

Technical & User Training

Empower your staff with comprehensive training programs for efficient equipment operation and maintenance.

Accessories & Consumables

One-stop solution for essential accessories and consumables, ensuring peak equipment efficiency.


Streamline maintenance with our advanced CMMS for efficient scheduling and tracking of biomedical equipment maintenance.

Happy Stories

RAH Biomedical’s maintenance system is the bomb. It’s made our lives so much easier – less time dealing with equipment drama, more time making a real impact on patient care.

Evelyn Jimenez


RAH Biomedical’s maintenance crew is like our equipment’s guardian angels. They keep things running smoothly, so we can focus on taking care of our patients.

Debra Peters


RAH Biomedical hooked us up with the coolest medical gear. Seriously, they’re the go-to for cutting-edge stuff. Thanks to them, our healthcare game is on point.

Mark Martinez


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Get ready for top-notch services that won’t burn a hole in your wallet! Our dazzling offerings bring you exceptional quality at the friendliest prices. It’s all about experiencing excellence without the hefty price tag – because you deserve the best without breaking the bank.

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